Cellulite Treatment


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Cellulite or dimpled skin affects around 90% of women and many men, too. If your dimpled skin bothers you, Ice Cave Body Sculpting offers cellulite treatment using Shockwave Cavitation in Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, Tampa, Florida, Irving, Texas, and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Call Ice Cave Body Sculpting to schedule a cellulite treatment consultation, or book your visit online today.


What is shockwave cavitation?

Shockwave cavitation is a procedure that smooths dimpled skin on your buttocks, thighs, abdomen, or anywhere else it occurs. If you have cellulite anywhere on your body, shockwave cavitation is a non-invasive way to improve the appearance.
Shockwave cavitation targets collagen fibers. They reduce the appearance of dimples and bumps under your skin by releasing tight collagen fibers, causing the redistribution of fat cells, and helping your tissues grow new and stronger collagen for support. 

Who can benefit from shockwave cavitation?

Shockwave cavitation may be an option if you have mild to moderate cellulite on your buttocks or thighs. Many people don’t fully understand cellulite or why they have it, with some assuming it’s just fat. 
In reality, cellulite appears because of a network of fibrous collagen that bands against your body fat. The cellulite becomes more pronounced as you age because the skin over it gets thinner. 
Most women have cellulite, while very few men do. This may be because men and women have different distributions of fat. You cannot control the amount of cellulite you have by adjusting your diet or exercising more often, but you can minimize it with professional cellulite treatment using shockwave cavitation. 

How many cellulite treatments do I need?

The number of cellulite treatments you need varies based on several personal factors, but the team at Ice Cave Body Sculpting can examine you and predict how many treatments you’ll need during a consultation. Most people benefit from about three treatments, which take as little as 10 minutes each. 
After a session, you might experience some mild side effects like:
  • Bruising
  • Stiff skin and tissue
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Warmth
These side effects subside quickly, but you should allow some healing time between treatments. Ice Cave Body Sculpting typically recommends spacing your treatments about 21 days apart. 
Although cellulite is normal and common, you might not like how it looks. Instead of opting for clothes with more coverage, call Ice Cave Body Sculpting and book a consultation online today.
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