Ditch the Extra Crunches: MuscleSculpt Has You Covered

Jun 13, 2023
Ditch the Extra Crunches: MuscleSculpt Has You Covered
Building muscle takes a lot of hard work, and when trying to get that toned body, you’re probably pushing yourself with a harder regimen. But did you know you can get the tone you're looking for with MuscleSculpt™? Read on to learn more.

Muscles are one of the most important parts of how your body moves, from the skeletal muscles that attach to your bones, to the smooth muscles that line many of your organs. 

Building muscle is important for staying in shape and is done through a combination of strength training and muscle building. Strength training aims to make your muscles stronger while muscle building aims to make your muscles larger.

A steady regimen of exercises and weight lifting can yield great results for your body, but there always seems to be that percentage of fat you can’t shake. MuscleSculpt™ is an FDA-approved method of helping you reach your goals without having to push yourself even harder. 

If you’re looking for help shedding those stubborn pounds, our team at Ice Cave Body Sculpting can help. Let’s explore the benefits by examining how you build muscle, how MuscleSculpt helps, and what you can expect from the treatment.

How building muscle works

Routine exercise and physical activity can help keep your muscles active and healthy, but to build muscle cells (a process also called muscle hypertrophy) you generally need a combination of healthy proteins, calories, strength training, recovery time, and rest. 

Your regimen will consist of weights, machines, or using your own body weight to push and stress your muscles. This sort of training pushes your muscles past their limit, which damages their fibers and triggers healing. 

The calories and proteins help to replenish you as you push yourself, and as you get stronger you build and add more weight to continue the cycle to reach your desired build and weight.

What MuscleSculpt does to help

This noninvasive, FDA-approved method works by using high-intensity, focused, electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) pulses on your muscle tissue to mimic the contractions they go through when you work out, which tighten and tone your body.

This method is frequently used on arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and calves, and increases definition while shrinking the circumference of your muscle. MuscleSculpt can be used on all skin types and tones, with no other side effects than what you would experience after an intense workout.

How the treatment works

To start the process, you lie down and we attach the machine to the target area of your body. Electromagnetic waves are emitted, producing a feeling similar to a workout, forcing contractions in your muscles 20,000 times in a half hour. 

Once your treatment is complete, you can get back to your day, feeling like you’ve worked your body without having made the effort.

Treatments are done in 30-minute blocks over a 2-4 week period for the best outcome, and you'll feel results after each session. It’s important to note this isn’t a replacement for workouts but is designed to help you reach weight and toning goals in conjunction with your regular regimen.

So, if you’re pushing yourself to that perfect weight and tone and just need an edge to help you get there, make an appointment with our team at Ice Cave Body Sculpting today. Call our office nearest you — Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, San Diego, California, Tampa, Florida, Dallas, Texas, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — or schedule a visit online.