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Ice Cave Body Sculpting

Med Spa & Body Sculpting located in Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA and Tampa, FL

About Ice Cave Body Sculpting

Ice Cave Body Sculpting is a medical spa offering face and body enhancement services from offices in Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, San Diego, California, and Tampa, Florida. Led by professionals with decades of experience, Ice Cave Body Sculpting focuses on boosting patients’ confidence using their field's most advanced aesthetic procedures. 

The passionate team at Ice Cave Body Sculpting specializes in Thermal-Cryo-Thermal-Lipo (TCTL™) fat-freezing treatments. These body sculpting services lead to stunning and natural results by eliminating unwanted body fat from areas that hold onto it tightly. Patients can say goodbye to love handles, a double chin, or extra stubborn belly fat. 

All Ice Cave Body Sculpting locations offer fat-freezing treatments alongside cellulite treatments with QWO™. QWO is a one-of-a-kind injectable that breaks down fibrous bands while helping to redistribute fat cells. Additionally, patients can enjoy smoother skin with semi-permanent laser hair removal services. 

The Denver office has additional services available for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, and pigment correction. Using powerful Sciton® technologies like Skintyte®, patients can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging for a more youthful overall complexion. The Denver office also offers Forever Clear BBL® (broadband light) services for pigment correction. 

Call Ice Cave Body Sculpting at any location to book a treatment consultation or schedule a visit online today.

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Excellence in Action

While embarking on a transformational journey to improve your skin and body, you need a reliable ally by your side. At Ice Cave Body Sculpting, we provide all the support you need in the form of expert advice, evidence-based non-invasive treatments, professional services, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
We invite you to leave your worries at the door and step into our medical spa for your first treatment session with us. Let our experts craft a customized treatment plan for you and guide you towards a happier, sculpted, and more rejuvenated version of yourself. Whether you are looking for non invasive body contouring near you or a specialized skin rejuvenation plan, we have the expertise and experience you need to hit all your goals.

Exceptional Results
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"After my second session, I am very happy with my results and that area of my stomach is flat - which I had tried achieving with diet and exercise but couldn’t."
Nicole P.
"I absolutely love this place. The atmosphere is beautiful and very welcoming."
Aubrey S.
"My results have been absolutely unreal and well worth the money invested. My before and after photos leave me smiling every time I look. Cant wait till my next session"
Leslie C.
"The whole team was so sweet and caring awesome location highly recommend! If your contemplating getting the treatment they guarantee results"
Rachael J.
"I'm so appreciative of everything he did for me and for making me feel so comfortable and supported in my journey"
Jennifer B.
"I love how personable they are in this office, and appreciate their professionalism and care to make you a satisfied customer. Definitely recommend!"
Dannielle S.
"Guest Services is a priority here. I felt like a man in a nice environment... not like a guest in a women's environment. Had work on abdomen and flanks."
Hunter D.
"The scientific backed therapy actually works and the results are permanent!"
David E.
"I would recommend Ice Cave Body Sculpting to anyone thinking about trying coolsculpting or who have gone other places that they have been less than impressed with!"
Cindy K.
"Yesterday I had my first experience with fat freezing and I loved it!"
Victoria B.
" You can tell he is very knowledgeable in his practice. I highly recommend spending the money if this is something that you are considering."
Kelly O.
"I have been to several spas and this one is very classy with a comfortable and very clean feel."
Rachel K.
"I just got back from my first cool sculpting session and the communication, professionalism, and experience has been excellent."
Sara D.
"I highly recommend that you check out the Ice Cave. It has an elegant and masculine atmosphere and the staff is very welcoming."
Tamara F.
" The cool sculpting process feels like your fat is stuck in a vacuum, it wasn't painful just strong suction. I probably could have fallen asleep."
Heather H.
"Office was very clean and private. Had my first session and looking forward to seeing results."
Victoria B.
"The whole atmosphere is very clean, pleasing and relaxing. Everything was explained before even what to expect afterwards."
Linda G.
"I am very happy beacuse not even with intense abs workouts and cardio rutines I was able to reduce some inches overthere."
Camilo U.
"I can honestly say that choosing to get my cool sculpting done here is the best money I’ve ever spent! I wouldn’t go anywhere else."
Alice H.
"This place is more affordable for a treatment that's just as high quality. I'm glad I found this place and will be returning"
Mylei Z.
"Had an awesome experience! Would 10/10 recommend!!!"
Rhian M.
"Great location! Great service and I love my results! I highly recommend!"
Brian A.
"Lovely office, very kind, helpful, generous, and flexible staff. Highly recommend!!"
Jenna P.
"Amazing work!! Saw results right away and came in for a second round"
Isabel C.
"Very good experience, highly professional. Recommended"
Jacek J.
"Professional, clean, friendly and beautiful!"
Madison M.
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Some procedures may be covered with insurance. We accept most HSA accounts. Please contact us for additional information.
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Meet the Team
Dr. Steven Motarjeme, 
Medical Director
Dr. Steven Motarjeme, M.D., is a highly-skilled physician with exemplary training and over 25 years of experience providing outstanding patient care. A Chicago native, “Dr. M” received his medical degree from Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and went on to complete three residencies at the prestigious Ohio State University.
He is an innovator and has always been at the forefront of medicine, from opening multiple laser and aesthetic centers in the infancy of the aesthetic boom to starting cutting-edge cardiovascular hospitals and Hospitalist/Emergency Trauma programs across the country.
He also co-founded the second largest Telemedicine company in the world. With his diverse training and years on the front lines of medicine, Dr. M has become a dynamic physician with impeccable surgical skills and a keen eye for aesthetic detail. In addition, he is a sharp diagnostician and problem solver.
Dr. Eric Castro
Dr. Eric Castro
Over twenty-four years in medicine, Dr. Castro has provided high quality care to many patients, focusing on the holistic approach in their health, while performing countless invasive and minimally invasive procedures throughout his career. Being a health and fit-minded physician who has worked with professional athletic organizations as a provider and medical consultant, Dr. Castro aims to help many others achieve their health and aesthetic goals, improving longevity and slowing the aging process by improving all aspects of an individual including their mind, body, spirit. 

Ice Cave Body Sculpting at the Medical Man Cave, provides a unique opportunity for Dr. Castro to help individuals physically transform themselves, rejuvenating the individual as a whole, instilling confidence in a healthier, energetic individual.

Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander has been involved in the health and fitness industry for close to 20 years. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Biology at California State University, Northridge, and a Master of Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He is certified in thermal-cryo-fat-freezing, cavitation therapy (shockwave, ultrasonic, thermal shock), and radio frequency (RF).
Adriannne Castro
Adrianne Castro
Throughout her life Adrienne has been involved in athletics from intercollegiate to amateur competitions, amassing a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and fitness. Initially offered a Division 1 track scholarship which she deferred to complete her communications degree, Adrienne never gave up on running. She evolved into a triathlete, completing over 40 competitions from marathons to full Ironmans. Due to her discipline, Adrienne has maintained a high level of fitness which she is passionate about educating others on how to achieve the same. As the designated body sculptor at Medical Man Cave, Adrienne will provide the multiple services to transform your body physically, while discussing proper nutrition to maximize your results.
Jo Ann Tiimms
Jo Ann Timms  
Jo Ann is a competent and highly skilled Medical Assistant that uses her competency as a responsible and very well-trained medical professional. She loves taking care of people and loves what she does, she has a passion for it. She is originally from a small town in Alabama and now resides in Florida. She is the new Ice Cave Body Sculpting Director, Tamp Florida Office. She has been in the Medical Field since 1995, where she began her career as a Medical Assistant. 

Since 2018 Jo Ann was the Office Manager for a two Nurse Practioner Clinic, before moving to Florida.

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